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What is the relation between Body Fat, Eating and Exercise?

Weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish weight that comes from body fat and weight that comes from lean body mass or muscle.

Carrying too much fat is called obesity and puts a person at risk for many serious medical conditions including heart diseases, diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. In fact, obesity contributes to at least half the chronic diseases in the western society.

“Overweight” means an excess of total body weight based on population averages for heights and body frame size. Athletes and very muscular people may be overweight, but that does not mean they are fat. Obesity means an excess of body fat regardless of weight. Remember that appearances can be deceiving.


Exercise plays an increasingly important role in weight management and overall fitness for people of all the ages. The importance of physical activity for both weight control and health is well known.

Weight maintenance rather than weight loss should be the primary focus. Maintain your weight at any level; as a secondary goal, improve your weight to healthy level. Don’t gain weight with age. Increase your physical activity and reduce sedentary activity in order to maintain or lose weight, by performing a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical exercise everyday.

FEW MODERATELY INTENSE ACTIVITIES ARE:  Brisk walking, running, jogging, cycling, swimming, skipping, table tennis, tennis, etc.

EATING HEALTHY: For most people, maintaining a desirable weight and body fat percentage can only be achieved through an integrated program of nutrition and exercise or balancing energy intake with energy expenditure.

To reduce weight and body fat, it requires cutting back on calories and increasing the amount of exercise.

Dieting alone won’t work. Even when a person’s weight-control system has genetic flaws that may respond to newly available food supplements, proper nutrition and plenty of exercise is still a part of the prescription for health.


Most people don’t eat a healthy range of foods. Consuming too many calories from any kind of foods source can produce fat. To get a proper daily nutritional value:

Eat a variety of high-fiber diet. Choose more grains, fruits and vegetables instead of protein, fats and sugar).

Maintain a low-fat, low cholesterol diet.
Use moderate amounts of salt and sodium. Decrease the amount of sugar in daily diet.

Limit the alcohol intake.


Often the first step to a good diet lies in changing food and eating behavior.

Don’t skip meals

Eat a series of small meals throughout the day and avoid a big meal late in the evening.

Eat and chew slowly.

Use a smaller-sized plate to achieve a “full plate”.

Don’t go back for a second helping.

Bake or boil food instead of frying.

Learn about food values and make healthy combinations in meals.

Weigh yourself regularly and focus on measuring body fat percentage.

Reward yourself with non-food pleasures.

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