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The Easiest Way to Shed Off the unwanted Kilos:

Weight loss is not always about looking good and attractive, but also about feeling fit and healthy.

Have you ever thought, “I’m overweight because my metabolism is slow?” could be true- but before you decide, know how metabolism works. Your metabolism rate is based on the number of calories your body burns when it is performing only the most basic functions (breathing or maintaining a heartbeat, for example).

If your body burns a lot of calories when at rest, you can eat a fair amount without gaining weight and lose kilos without reaching starvation levels. But if your body burns fewer calories at rest, you do have a slower metabolism, so your waistline has a greater tendency to expand.

So, do you think that your weight problem is the result of a slow metabolism? Perhaps in odds are your eating and exercise habits also play a big role. Age is another factor.

Every decade after 20, your resting metabolic rate decreases by 2 percent, so the older you get, the harder you have to work to fight the kilos. Luckily, there are a few ways to kick start your calorie burn that will help you lose weight faster.

Have a few cups of green tea:

In a recent study, subjects who took a supplement of green tea extract burned more calories per day - 78 on average- than those who took a placebo. Researchers concluded that green tea increased the process by which body burns calories. The extract was comparable to between one and two cups of tea.

So, put the kettle on, and grab a mug of green tea!.

Up your Fidget factor:

Have you ever been around people who appear to be in perpetual motion: tapping toes, crossing their legs or shifting around in a chair? These small movements burn a sizeable number of calories over time. So the next time you are sitting at your desk, why not tap the foot too?

Don’t skip breakfast:

Mom always told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and here’s why: Your metabolism slows down when you sleep, and if you do not eat when you wake up, your body goes into “hibernation mode”. It stores fat to make use of it later.

Skip this miracle meal and your metabolism would stay slower longer, meaning fewer calories will be burned. A simple, healthy breakfast revs up your internal engine. And a high-fibre meal always keeps you feeling full for longer.

Quit crunching calories:

Eating too little can lead to a sluggish metabolism. Skipping meals and eating one big meal at night can create problems, as it puts you into a slow-burn mode through the day.

Moreover, big meals lead to an energy overload and the food which is not metabolized gets deposited as fat. So eating small and consistent meals will get your metabolism humming 24/7.

Do strength and resistance training:

Check out the facts. After age 20, the average woman loses about half a kilo of muscle per year, which amounts to a total of five kilos per decade! This muscle loss may be a reason why women often gain about 7kg of fat every decade considering one kilo of muscle can burn 35-45 calories per day. By adding on just five kilos of muscle, you can burn a kilo of fat every 18 days. And that’s without cutting any back on your diet!

To build lean muscles, you must do strength and resistance exercises.

Get Moving:

Any aerobic exercise boosts caloric burns; the number of calories depends on the frequency, duration and intensity of your workout. So, it is worth giving yourself a push.

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