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Important to Reduce Child Obesity

Mothers are worried about their children not eating nutritious meals. This is a common scenario in every house. 50 percent of the children are obese or overweight. If your child is overweight, do not make drastic changes in his diet based solely on perceptions of overweight. A child indeed needs extra calories than an adult for growth. Weight loss or dieting is not a good approach for young children as their bodies are growing and developing. The main strategies that should be adopted to control child obesity are healthy eating behaviors, regular physical activity and reduced sedentary activities.

Adoption of a healthy lifestyle is very important to prevent child obesity. Children spend most of the time watching TV or play games on a computer. Many young children have the habit of eating meals while watching television. This can result in overeating. Another major reason for child obesity is junk food. The winsome child on the TV eats or drinks something and impressionable children in hundreds of home want the same.

The variety of instant foods, snacks, soft drinks, chocolates that are beamed on our TV screens to the accompaniment of jazzy jingles completely overwhelm our children at an age when they are very vulnerable to the effects of audiovisual. The markets are flooded with instant and junk foods. Junk food has groomed a new breed of Couch potatoes’ who are not fit as they should be.

Whenever your child asks for instant noodles, soft drinks or crispy and spicy chips, try to substitute the child’s demand with some nutritious option. Children who over induldge in junk eating should substitute carbohydrate with protein. Lack of protein in junk food can result in stunted growth. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be given to children to maintain their body weight.

Increasing array of chocolates and ice creams is bad for your child’s dental health also. Substitute a box of chocolate with an assortment of fruits. Fruits provide unrefined sugars along with vitamins, minerals and fibres essential for good health.

Also, don’t forget that chocolates besides being bad for teeth are just empty calories.

Break the spell of junk food before it is too late! Simple steps like.

Care should be taken that sweets eaten are not sucked constantly. Liberal helping of raw and cooked vegetables and fruits should be given at each meal. Fluid intake should also be sufficient. Children who run about and sweat profusely need extra fluids.

The meal hours should be regular and nibbling between the meals should be discouraged. Frequently, the child refuses to eat because the food is served in a monotonous way day after day. Eg: Milk is particularly refused refused by most children, but it can be served in the forms of curd, buttermilk, fruit yoghurt, fruit custards and flavorings can be added to the milk imparting attractive colors. Milk and eggs can be served as custard, puddings or homemade ice creams.

Good habits should be imbibed in children from an early age. Give your child smaller and frequent meals rather than three large ones. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed regularly in the regular diet as it helps to prevent obesity in children.

Biscuits should be consumed in moderate quantities, since it does not provide much nutrition. Sweets and chocolate consumption should be under control to prevent child obesity.

Encourage the children to drink plenty of water in the form of coconut water, lime water, soups or butter milk. Discourage over consumption of aerated beverages.

Thus variety, combination of different foods and imagination is all it takes to feed children healthy and nutritious meals, which ultimately helps to prevent child obesity.

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