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Vaginal Infection

Around 75% of women suffer from vaginal infections. Most common is the yeast infection. When the number of yeasts multiplies and grows, it gives rise to infections. The infections can cause burning sensation, bad odor, pain or discomfort in the vagina. Generally, the discomfort and the pain increase during urination and intercourse. Vaginal infection can also result in white or colorless discharge.

The major causes of vaginal infection are:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Use of antibiotics
  3. Intake of oral contraceptives
  4. Hormonal imbalance
  5. Unhygienic conditions
  6. Wearing tight clothes


Home remedies for Vaginal Infection:

The affected area should be washed with dilute apple cider. This would help to inhibit the growth of infection and prevent from spreading.
One clove of garlic can be mixed with diluted apple cider to get relief from inflammation and itching.
Garlic paste can also be applied on the affected areas to get relief from the infections in the genital region.
One of the easiest home remedies to prevent vaginal infection is to consume buttermilk daily along with meals. Two glasses of buttermilk should be taken twice daily.
Boric acid powder should be applied on the vagina and the surrounding areas to get relief from the infections. Boric acid capsules can also be kept in the vagina during night time.
Application of honey on the vagina and affected areas can provide relief from the infections in just a few minutes. Diluted honey should be applied on the vagina and rinse off after 20 minutes.
Placing tampons immersed in curd can also be used to cure vaginal infections. This can be repeated after 2-3 hours. Curd is an effective natural home remedy to prevent the vaginal infections.
Tea tree oil is also considered to be an effective home remedy for preventing vaginal infections.
Avoid using harsh soaps and sprays on the skin and genital parts as they rip off the natural oils from the skin and makes the skin dry.
Tight clothes should be avoided to prevent the vaginal infection.
Wearing cotton clothes is a good option to prevent the infections.  Nylon clothes should be strictly avoided.
The skin should not be kept moist or wet for long time.  
Avoid the use of perfumed products and other sprays to stay away from vaginal infections.

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