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Home remedies for Sinusitis

Rate of Sinusitis is increasing in people these days. Sinusitis is not a disease, but an infection or allergy. The discomfort caused by sinusitis can be treated by simple home remedies.

The best remedy for sinusitis is to take apple cider vinegar.

Drink plenty of water and other fluids to treat sinusitis infection quickly.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices should be consumed in large quantities. Carrot juice is an effective home remedy for treating sinusitis. A combination of carrot juice, cucumber or beet juice along with spinach juice is also found to be effective home remedy for sinusitis.

Apply a towel immersed in warm water on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. The main focus should lie on the nose and the surrounding areas.

The patient should avoid fatty and oily food products in the diet. Junk food should not be taken under any circumstances.

Increase the amount of Vitamin C in your diet by consuming citrus natural products.

Switch to a low calorie diet along with lots of juices.

Take a steam on the face. Have a steam bath or a steamy shower to get some relief from sinusitis.

Avoid perfumes and smells that make the sinusitis aggravate. Strong scented hair oils should also be avoided. Instead of strong smells, natural essential oils must be used to avoid sinusitis.

Cool air and cold surroundings must be strictly avoided.

Mango is known to be an effective home remedy for treating sinusitis. As mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, they can help to cure the sinusitis attacks.

Garlic is an age old remedy to prevent sinusitis. Garlic and onion juice should be consumed if you want to get rid of sinusitis faster. You can also take these two herbs in several other forms in your diet.

Have you tried fenugreek for curing sinusitis? It works well. Drinking a tea made up of fenugreek seeds can provide some relief from sinusitis infection.

Cumin seeds are also an effective home remedy for treating sinusitis. You can get relief from sinusitis by taking roasted and powdered form of cumin seeds mixed with pure honey.

Sipping hot herbal teas can also be helpful in treating sinusitis.


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