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Some home treatments can help you to get rid of sciatica pain

Many people suffer from sciatic pain these days. It can produce severe pain and discomfort in the sciatic nerve.

Many of us are unaware that sciatica is not a disease, it’s a condition. Some home treatments can help you to get rid of sciatica pain.

A cold compress or a cold pack can help to improve the blood circulation in the affected area. It is also useful to reduce the pain and inflammation. Apply ice cold packs on the affected areas regularly to relieve the pain.

Alternative hot and cold compress are also considered to be effective in treating sciatica pain.

Bending should be avoided and the back muscles should be given rest.

Prepare milk by boiling a few garlic cloves in milk. This is an effective home remedy for the treatment for getting relief from the sciatica nerve pain.

Nutmeg is also considered to be effective in treating the nerve pain caused due to sciatica.

Powdered form of nutmeg should be boiled in oil. Apply this mixture on the affected parts.

Lemon also acts as a pain reliever. Consume lemon juice to reduce the pain due to sciatica.

Fry 3-4 garlic cloves in mustard oil. Filter the mixture and let it cool down. Application of this oil helps to relieve the sciatica pain.

Garlic cloves can be eaten raw to get relief from sciatica pain. Consume 2-3 garlic cloves daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

Leaves of Indian aloe can also help to treat the sciatica nerve pain. They should be placed on the affected areas to decrease the pain. It would be the best if the leaves are warmed and the applied on the affected parts.

Combination of juices of celery and potatoes is also known to be an effective home remedy for the treatment of sciatica. Both the juices should be mixed in equal quantities and taken 2-3 times daily. Carrots and beetroots juices can also be added to the juice to get the maximum benefits.

Evening Primrose can be beneficial for sciatica. Apply the oil twice daily to get relief from the pain.

Exercise regularly. Simple walking or jogging can be beneficial. Some stretching exercises can also be tried to relax the muscles and relieve sciatica pain. Avoid lifting heavy weights.


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