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Some home remedies for the treatment of scabies are as follows:

Scabies is a contagious skin disorder. If you or your family member is a having scabies, it needs to be treated.

Some home remedies for the treatment of scabies are as follows:

Neem leaves are considered to be an effective natural remedy for scabies. Mix equal quantities of turmeric powder, mustard oil and neem leaves to form a paste. Application of the paste on whole body soothes the skin. Keep it on for an hour and then rinse off.

Olive and coconut oil are another effective home remedies for treating scabies. Apply the mixture of both the oils on the skin for getting rid of scabies. A few drops of tea tree oil can also be mixed together.

Tea tree oil is known to be an effective home remedy for the treatment of scabies. Tea tree oil should be applied on the affected parts regularly.

Aloe Vera is also helpful for treating scabies. Applying some aloe vera gel on the affected areas provides relief from scabies. This will help to reduce the redness and itchiness.

Chamomile lotion can also be used for healing the skin condition.

Margosa oil is beneficial in healing scabies. As it possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it helps in treating many skin disorders including scabies.

Another home remedy for treating scabies is onions. Application of onion juice with some salt on the affected areas can also provide great relief.

Eating raw garlic cloves is another effective home remedy for treating scabies.

Keep the surroundings clean. The bedsheets, clothing and fabrics should be washed and cleaned properly.

An oatmeal bath can also relieve the symptoms of scabies.
Consume foods rich in zinc. Include zinc rich products like soybeans, wheat bran and whole grain products in daily diet.

Avoid oily, spicy, fried and junk foods to prevent scabies.
Smoking and alcohol should be strictly avoided. Chocolates, sugar and tobacco should also be restricted.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Certain nuts can also help. Fruit and vegetables juices should be consumed to keep scabies away.


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