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Ring Worm

Fungus infection on the skin causes ring worm. Ring worm affects the scalp, body and nails. A red ring is visible on the skin due to the fungus infection. The scalp ring worms stays for 10-15 days, while skin ringworm appears for 5-10 days.
Ring worm can be contagious. It can also spread by pets. The ring worm in humans or pets should be treated quickly to prevent it from spreading. It is not very difficult to get rid of ring worms.

Home remedies of Ring Worm:

Coconut oil is known to be an effective home remedy for the treatment of ring worms. It helps to reduce the itching and redness too.
A paste of turmeric can also be applied on the affected areas. Turmeric powder can be mixed with honey and should be taken internally to get relief from ring worm.
Raw papaya is also beneficial for treating ringworms. Slice of raw papaya can also rubbed on the affected areas. A paste made up of papaya seeds can also be applied on the patches twice daily.
Mud packs also prove to be beneficial in curing ring worm. Application of mud pack for half an hour daily provides relief from ring worms and itching caused due to it.
Apple cider vinegar is also an effective home remedy for the treatment of ring worms.
Garlic is one of the age old home remedy for curing ring worm as it possesses anti fungal properties.
Licorice also helps to treat ring worms. Powdered licorice should be boiled with water for 15 minutes and strained mixture should be applied on the affected areas.
Lemon grass tea is another good home remedy for ring worms. Tea bags can be applied on the affected areas to treat ring worms.
A paste made up of mustard seeds is also an effective home remedy for ring worms.
Juice of holy basil can be applied on the patches to heal them faster.
Pets should be taken to a veterinarian for the examination regularly as they are prone to fungal infections.
Have a bath with medicated or antiseptic soap daily to prevent ring worms.
Wearing loose fitted clothes keep the area dry and keep the ring worm away.
Raw vegetables juices are beneficial for treating ring worms. A mixture of carrot juice and spinach juice is an effective home remedy for the treatment of ring worms.


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