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Some home remedies can help to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Many women complain about premenstrual syndrome. The symptoms appear before the occurrence of menstrual cycle.

Generally, the symptoms start one or two weeks prior to the menstruation. Abdominal cramps, acne, backache, mood swings, stomach pain are the common problems in women because there is an imbalance in the hormonal levels in the body.

Some home remedies can help to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Peppermint possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Chewing a few mint leaves is an effective home remedy for treating the pain. Fresh mint leaves can be boiled in water and cooled form of water should be mixed with honey and taken several times daily to reduce the menstrual cramps.

Soybeans help to maintain the hormonal levels and provide relief from the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. The beans should be soaked overnight and strained mixture should be taken for treating premenstrual syndrome. A paste can be made from soaked soybeans can also be consumed.

Oatmeal is also known to be effective in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome.

Lavender oil is a natural home remedy for treating premenstrual syndrome.

Reduce the amount of salt intake to prevent bloating.
Avoid tea, coffee and aerated drinks as they can aggravate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Increase the amount of calcium in food. Include milk and dairy products in the daily diet.

Hot water baths with Epsom salts can provide relief from the menstrual cramps.

Taking 5 grams of Bishop’s weed (ajwain in hindi) can help to relieve the pain. It can be taken with a glass of warm water or with small amount of jaggery.

Include plenty of garlic and ginger in the meals.
Starchy foods should also be avoided to treat premenstrual syndrome.

Aloe Vera juice can be taken to relieve the discomfort during premenstrual syndrome.

Drink plenty of water.
Magnesium is also known to be effective in avoiding mood swings and emotional stress.

Eat small meals at frequent intervals instead of three larger ones.

Consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Sweets and carbohydrates should be avoided.

Take adequate rest and sleep.


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