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Home Remedies to treat Obesity

Who likes obesity? If a person’s weigh is 20% or more above the normal weight, he/she is said to be obese. Abnormal or excessive fat accumulation leads to obesity. Obesity is not just a cosmetic dilemma; there can be several risk factors related to it.  Obesity can lead to many health problems including diabetes, heart problems and cancer.

Generally, eating more calories than required causes obesity. Factors such as over-eating, eating high amounts of fats and lack of physical activities can result in obesity.
If you decrease 500 calories or more daily, then you can avoid being obese. By losing 500 calories each day by exercising, you can avoid obesity. Follow a diet plan which helps you to reduce the calories intake. Indulge in physical exercises. Use stairs instead of a lift or elevator which helps you to burn calories.

Women tend to be more obese as compared to men. Reduce the carbohydrates intake in your diet to prevent obesity.

Eat at frequent intervals. Try to have five to six smaller portions of meal rather than two big ones. This will improve your metabolism and save you from obesity.

Avoid eating sweet stuff. Sweets should be cut down at any cost.

Strictly quit smoking and alcoholism. Both of these can cause several complications and lead to obesity.

Increase the amount of green salads in daily diet. Tomatoes and mint leaves can help you burn excess fat. One or two ripe tomatoes taken on an empty stomach can be helpful to treat obesity.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. It not only helps in proper functioning of water but also removes toxins from the body. Drink luke warm water after meals as it aids in digestion and burns excessive fat.

Replace butter and ghee with vegetable oils like sunflower oil and groundnut oil.

Drinking cabbage juice and eat cabbage in any form. Cabbage is a well-known food to control obesity.

Lime juice and honey taken in warm water can be beneficial in the treatment of obesity. One teaspoon of honey should be mixed with juice of a half lime and should be taken in a glass of warm water at frequent intervals. This should also be taken on empty stomach in the morning.


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