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Neck Pain

Nowadays, neck pain has become a common problem among people of all the pages. Neck pain can be caused due tom improper posture or some injuries. The use of certain home remedies can help you to relieve the neck pain.

Application of an ice pack or ice cubes is an effective home remedy for treating neck pain. Ice can help you to reduce the inflammation also.

A mild massage can be beneficial to relieve the pain. Before the massage, take a hot shower to cure neck pain.

Massage with oil or lotion can provide temporary relief from the neck pain as it loosens the tense muscles.

If you work on a computer, make sure that you sit in a proper posture. Keep your chin as high as possible to prevent neck pain. Ensure that your eyes and the screen are at the same level. Bending down can cause the neck muscles to stiffen and cause pain. If you have to work for long hours, take frequent breaks and stretch your neck by rotating it clock wise and anti clock wise. This will improve the blood circulation and avoid the pain in the neck.

se of hot and cold treatments is also known to be an effective home remedy for neck pain. Apply ice pack for some time followed by a hot one. This alternate method of using hot and cold packs will help to cure neck pain.
Sleep in the correct posture to avoid neck pain. Do not sleep on the stomach.

Exercise and yoga also helps to get rid of neck pain.
A lot of people find sleeping without a pillow a good option to treat the neck pain. You may also try it and find out whether it works for you too.

Sleep on a firm mattress. Poor sleeping habits are a major cause of neck pain.

Drinking milk mixed with turmeric powder can also help to prevent the pain in the neck.

Lime is considered to be a good option for curing neck pain. Application of lemon juice and honey on the affected area reduces the pain.

For the neck pains caused due to sprains, cabbage leaves should be boiled in water and tied as a bandage using a piece of cloth.

While long driving, take frequent breaks to avoid the neck pain. Movements can help you to avoid the neck pain.


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