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Natural Treatments for Moles removal:

The small and dark brown clusters of pigmented cells are called moles. They can appear on face, arms, legs and torso. They can be flat or raised, small or large, hairy or sometimes they may appear like warts. Moles are not risky, but they can lead to cancer sometimes. They can become malignant and form skin cancer.

People with fair skin have a greater effect of the sun of their skin. Fair skinned people are sensitive to sunburn and moles too. It is very important to use sunscreen lotions and prevent the skin for harmful effects of sunrays. Moles may be pigmented or non-pigmented.

Home remedies for Moles:

Grind some coriander and make a fine paste. Application of this paste will help to remove moles in a few days.
A mixture of flaxseeds and flaxseed oil with honey can also be useful in removal of moles from the skin.

Apply a crushed garlic clove on the affected area and cover it with a bandage. This is the simplest method to treat moles.

Eating foods rich in potassium and taking apple cider can help in removal of moles.

A fine paste of baking soda and castor oil should be soaked in gauze and place this gauze over the mole. This is one of the useful and effective remedy for mole.

Banana peel pulp applied on moles for a few months can also be used.

Applying freshly cut pineapple on the affected area helps to lighten the moles in 2-3 days.

Massage the affected area with castor oil twice a day is a good mole remedy which makes the area soft and reduce the itching.

A paste of drumsticks mixed along with lime juice should be gently applied on the moles. The moles will disappear in few days.

Crushed form of Vitamin C tablets applied on the affected areas can be applied and covered with adhesive bandage.
Apply a drop of grape fruit extract on moles area two or three times a day. This will remove the moles.

Milkweed juice is also known to be an effective remedy for treating moles.

Pure honey application on the mole in morning and night make the mole disappear in some days.


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