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Home remedies for menstrual problems:

Many women face problems during menstruation. Stomach pain, backache, bodyache, menstrual cramps, excess bleeding, painful menstruation, etc. are some of the common problems in women. 60-70 % of women have the problem of painful menstruation.

Home remedies for menstrual problems:

Boil ginger in water for some time and strain the mixture. Add some honey or sugar. Drink the decoction several times daily to prevent menstrual problems.

Parsley is considered to be an effective home remedy for menstrual problems. Consume parsley juice daily to get rid of problems during menstruation. It would be beneficial if parsley juice is mixed with other juices like carrot, beet or cucumber juice.

Consume papaya frit daily to treat menstrual problems. Unripe papaya fruit should be taken daily.

Sesame seeds are another beneficial home remedy for preventing menstrual problems. Intake of 1-2 teaspoons of sesame seeds can give great relief from menstrual problems.

Boil coriander seeds in water and drink the strained form of the mixture. This is an effective natural remedy for treatment of menstrual problems.

Consumption of mango bark juice in diluted form is also known to be an effective home remedy for preventing menstrual problems.

Asafetida also helps to treat menstrual problems.
Take a hip bath with water in which Bengal gram is mixed. This helps to relieve the pain during menstruation.

Banana can also be used to cure menstrual problems. Women suffering from the problem of excessive bleeding should consume banana daily.

Aloe Vera juice should be consumed to treat the menstrual problems.

Boil marigold flowers in water and drink the strained mixture to get relief from the menstrual problems.

Basil is known to be an effective natural remedy for reducing the pain during menstruation. Chew a few basil leaves or prepare a decoction by boiling basil leaves in water. Drink the strained mixture.

Avoid eating spicy and oily food. Caffeine should also be restricted. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables in abundant quantities.

Hot water baths can also help to treat menstrual problems.
Smoking, alcohol and tobacco should be avoided completely.


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