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Effects of Lack of Exercise

We all know that exercise is very essential to keep the body fit. Exercise makes you fit and energetic. Exercise is important to maintain physical fitness and can positively maintain a healthy weight and body. Lack of exercise can have many bad effects on your health. Lack of exercise can accumulate the fats around your throat, waist and hips.

Your muscles will not be toned if you do not exercise. Lack of exercise can affect men than women. But the situation changes for women after menopause. It is very important for women to exercise after the menopause as lack of exercise can make them put on weight.

Due to lack of exercise, the transfer of oxygen through blood to the cells gets affected. Did you know that lack of exercise can lead to the risk of cancer? An inactive of sedentary lifestyle can give you lot of health problems. Diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, heart diseases can be the effects of lack of exercise.

The people who do not exercise are prone to depression. Exercising regularly makes you fit physically and emotionally. Lack of exercise can lead to serious health problems. If you want to avoid these problems, then 30 to 60 minutes physical activity should be done.

Studies show that lack of exercise promotes 10 serious health problems. Body weight is a reflection of two variables: the calories intake and the calories burnt. The factor that can control these two is exercise. Changes in the lifestyle and habits can help you to control weight.

People who find exercise a boring and tiring things should engage themselves in physical activities like swimming, walking, dancing and running. These activities will make them work out and lose calories and keep them away from the risks of health caused by lack of exercise.

Physical exercise boosts the immune system and prevents lot many diseases. Obesity is a growing global concern and the major known cause for it is lack of exercise. Awareness about exercise should be cultivated since childhood to avoid obesity. Parents must take care of their kids and encourage children to exercise since childhood.


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