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Home remedies for Hiccups

Do you feel annoyed by hiccups? Who does not? Hiccups cause embarrassment and discomfort. The jerky hiccups are caused due to digestive disturbances. The exact reason for hiccups is not known yet. Still beliefs exist that hiccups are caused due to following reasons:

  • •  Over-eating
  • •  Excess excitement
  • •  Eating spicy foods
  • •  Lung infections
  • •  Digestive disorders

To avoid embarrassment due to hiccups, you can try any of these home remedies:

When you get hiccups, drink water through sips. This provides instant relief from hiccups in most of the cases.

Breathing deeply is also known to be one of the useful home remedies for stopping hiccups. Breathe as hard as you can.

Another good way to stop hiccups is to hold the breath for a few seconds. Hold your breath and count till 10. Exhale slowly. Inhaling and exhaling can bring an end to hiccups.

Consume a combination of yoghurt and salt to get instant relief from irritating hiccups.

Drinking water boiled with cardamom powder can also provide some relief from hiccups. A cardamom should be placed in mouth and sucked slowly. This is also an effective home remedy for hiccups.

Avoid hot and spicy foods to keep away from hiccups.

Ice cube can be sucked to prevent hiccups.

Placing some sugar on tongue is a good home remedy for hiccups.

Putting your tongue outside your mouth can also work for hiccups.

Peanut butter avoids hiccups. Eat peanut butter when you have hiccups. This can provide immediate aid from hiccups.

Strange but true! Laughing loudly or singing aloud can also cure hiccups in a few minutes. Don't concentrate on the hiccups. Divert your mind.

Gargling with lukewarm water also helps to end hiccups.

Take a piece of ginger. Suck it after applying some common salt to get quick relief from hiccups.

Drink pineapple juice at regular intervals as it prevents hiccups.

Lemon is also believed to be a good natural remedy for hiccups. Sucking lemon or drinking lemon water can help you get rid of hiccups.

Inhaling some black pepper powder can cause sneezing and makes the hiccups vanish.


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