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Get rid of Headache Naturally

Headaches make us suffer badly and make everything look dull. It is important to get rid of headache as soon as possible. There can be many factors which cause headaches. Some of the common causes are tensions, stress, inadequate sleep, alcoholism, physical inactivity and many more. It is important to find out whether your headache is migraine or not. Migraine is becoming very common these days. 28 million people experience Migraine headaches. Most people don’t realize the importance and benefits of natural remedies for curing headache. You can treat your headache in just 5 to 10 minutes if you rely on natural treatments.

Some effective home remedies:

The easiest method - Drink a glass of water when headache triggers. Dehydration can cause headache. So, a glass of cold water can help you cure headache.

A head massage can help to relive stress and tension. When you get headache, massage your neck, shoulders and head. This can help you get rid of headache quickly.
Taking a hot shower is also well-known treatment for headache. Standing under the shower of hot water can help to loosen the muscles and blood flow gets better.
Ice pack, a cold towel or a frozen bag of ice can be applied at the back of your neck for about ten minutes to get quick relief from headaches.

Putting pressures on the affected area for 2 minutes can also help to treat headache.

Avoid the foods which trigger headaches. Chocolates, cold-drinks and caffeine are known to trigger headaches.
When you get headache, try to go to a dark room and rest for some time.

Aromatherapy is also gaining popularity these days to cure headache. Sandalwood, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus natural oils can be used to reduce the pain.
Meditation and yoga are age-old ways to treat headache. Practicing meditation and yoga daily can make you get rid of headache completely.

Natural remedies are 100 times better than the medications. Tension headaches can easily be cured by natural methods. The best advantage is that the natural headache remedies have no side-effects.


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