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Home remedies for Hangover

Are you a party animal? Did you party hard last night? Are you feeling dizzy? Do you want to cure hangover in no time? Some natural remedies can be helpful.

Banana is an effective home remedy to get over with the hangover you have. Try to consume two to three bananas for treating hangover. A few other fruits that can help you are apples, cherries and honey.

Peanut butter is also known to be beneficial in getting rid of the hangover.

Did you try coffee? Using honey instead of sugar in your coffee can make the hangover vanish in an hour. Black coffee can be helpful to get rid of hangover.

Exercising and breathing in fresh air can help to cure hangover effectively.

Sucking a lemon juice also works well. Lemon juice mixed with sugar or honey can be taken at regular intervals.

Drink lots of liquids. This will help you to flush out the toxins and treat hangover. Coconut water helps to reduce the effects of hangover.

Vitamin B can also be beneficial to reduce the duration of your hangover.

Another effective home remedy to treat hangover is to have glucose. This will not only help to cure hangover, but also provide energy to the body.

Ginger is considered to be a good hangover cure since ages. You can have a ginger tea or ginger in raw form should be consumed to treat hangover. Ginger juice can be mixed with honey and taken too.

Raw cabbage is also known to be effective to treat the hangovers. This will also help to reduce the headache.

A less common home remedy for curing hangovers is peppermint. Chewing peppermint leaves or having peppermint tea is a good cure for hangovers. Peppermint reduces the acidity in the stomach and also soothes the bowel movements.

Never drink on an empty stomach. Eat some food while you drink. Restrict yourself to one glass of alcoholic drink. Excessive can lead to many health problems and disorders.

Not everyone is aware of the benefit of green tea in hangover. Drinking green tea can provide relief from nausea and reduces the headache caused due to hangover.


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