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Home remedies to cure gastritis

Inflammation in the stomach causes gastritis. If not treating properly, gastritis can result in ulcers also. The burning sensation in the stomach should be treated properly to relieve discomfort.

Home remedies to cure gastritis:

Coconut water gives instant relief from gastritis. Drinking coconut water every hour can help to treat the condition.

Honey is known to be an effective home remedy for treating gastritis.

Ginger is widely used to cure gastritis. Chewing small pieces of ginger can alleviate the stomach disorder.

Apply hot water bags on the abdomen to prevent the effects of gastritis.

Potato juice is also known to be an effective home remedy in the treatment of gastritis.

Spinach juice and carrot juice should be mixed in equal quantities. This mixture should be consumed by sipping in order to get relief from gastritis.

Curd is an age old home remedy for treating gastritis. The inflammation of the stomach can be prevented by consuming curd or buttermilk. A pinch of asafoetida and cumin powder should be mixed with the curd or buttermilk.

Marigold herb is an age old method to cure gastritis.

Biting pieces of cloves helps to make the gastritis go away.

Roasted fennel seeds are also helpful to treat gastritis. A handful of roasted fennel seeds should be chewed after meals to prevent gastritis.

If the symptoms of gastritis are major, then the patient should follow all-day fruit diet for one or two days. Fresh fruits and fruit juices should be taken in plenty. This is help to detoxify and prevent gastritis.

Alcohol is considered bad for health. Gastritis can also be caused due to excessive intake of alcohol.

Lemon juice is a well known home remedy for the treatment of gastritis. Lemon juice mixed with cold water should be taken every hour to reduce the effect of gastritis.

Avoid spicy, oily and fatty foods to keep away from gastritis.

Eat the right kind of food in the right amount. Over eating can cause stomach problems. Similarly, not eating stomach full is also not good.

Red meats also cause gastritis. Try to avoid red meats. If not, make sure that red meat is cooked properly.

Drinking chilled milk can provide relief from gastritis to a certain extent.


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