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Eye Care Tips

Eye is one of the most important parts of our body. With the help of eyes, we can see the world around us. Most of us are not aware that eyes need lots of care and attention.

Today, everybody spends a lot of time in front of their computers, laptops or television sets. Due to pollution in the atmosphere, eye problems are caused. Proper eye care needs to be taken to avoid the eye-related diseases and have a good vision.

Eye is the most sensitive sense organ of our body. If proper eye care is not taken, several eye infections can be caused. There are different types of eye infections caused because of lack of rest, age and a hectic life schedule. Some of the eye infections are conjunctivitis, cataract and eyes turning into red.

How to take proper Eye Care:

Eyes should be cleaned with pure cold water.
One of the effective methods to relax eye muscles is to rub both the hands together and cover your eyes with hands. This relaxed the tissues of the eyes.

Daily meditation for 15 to 20 minutes can keep you away from eye infections.

A mixture of rose water and lemon juice can be used as eye drops which helps in regaining eyes strength.

Vitamin A is known to improve eye sight and prevent eye problems.

Walnut is also said to improve the eye sight.
Consumption of Vitamin C is useful to improve the eye sight. Amla should be taken in any form.

You should avoid exposure to radiations from sun, X-rays, microwave, etc.

Smoking has bad effects on the eyes. Smoking should be avoided and quit.

Blink your eyes 15-20 times regularly in an hour. This helps to increase the blood circulation in eyes.

A paste of almonds, fennel and sugar candy should be taken with warm milk before going to bed to avoid eye diseases.

Tomatoes and carrots help to make the eyes healthy and fit.

Wash your eyes with cold water to relieve from any congestion.

A simple exercise should be performed regularly. Rotate your pupils in all the directions keeping your head and back straight.

Potato slices should be placed on the eyes for some time. This treatment removes stress and eyes pain.


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