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Home remedies for Depression

The sickness of the mind and thoughts can cause depression. A person suffering from depression gets negative feelings about everything. Some people who have depression can have suicidal tendencies. Depression is the most common emotional disorder these days. Some of the causes for depression can be:

  • •  Anxiety
  • •  Some mishappening or tragedy
  • •  Problems in relationships
  • •  Hormonal imbalance
  • •  Stress
  • •  Financial problems

Home remedies:

Add cardamom to your tea. This cardamom tea can cure depression.

The person who suffers from depression should not be left alone.

Eating an apple with honey helps to lift the mood. This is a good simple home remedy to keep the depression away. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Exercise and physical activities prevent depression. Exercise regularly.

Get adequate sleep. Sleeping well and getting sound sleep is important to cure depression.

Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Eating bananas can help for depression.

Boil rose petals and drink this mixture by adding sugar. This is a very useful home remedy for depression. A tea made up of rose petals can also treat depression.

Yoga also helps to cure depression.

Try meditation to avoid depression.

Vitamin B is also known to reduce depression. Cashew nuts, being a good source of Vitamin B, should be consumed to make the body active and avoid depression.

Indian basil and sage can also cure depression. Drink a boiled mixture of Indian basil (tulsi) and sage as this is a good home remedy for depression.

Acupressure and acupuncture are the alternative therapies for curing depression.

Herbal tea is also known to prevent depression.

Drinking orange juice in breakfast can keep you fresh and energetic. It can also avoid depression.

Almonds are good for brain. Ten almonds should be soaked in water overnight and taken after removing their skins.

Mix a cup of salt in bath water. You can also lightly scrub your body with salt. This improves the blood circulation in the body and makes you feel better.

It is also known that aromatherapy works well for curing depression. Fragrances can help to alter the mood and emotions. Essential oils like bergamot, geranium, sandalwood, rose, frankincense, neroli and lavender can keep you away from depression.


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