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Dark Sorts on Face

Dark spots on face

Dark spots appear on the skin due to some abnormalities. Dark spots are also called hyper pigmentation. The dark skin spots are a common problem of many in middle age.

Causes of dark spots:

There are several factors which can cause dark spots.
Exposure to sunlight ruins the radiance of your skin and frequent exposure to sunlight could lead to premature wrinkles and aging, dryness of the facial skin, and evident fine lines. It can also lead to dark spots on the face.
Another cause of dark spots can be birth mark.
The origin of dark spots is still unknown. But they make you look ugly and old. They should be taken care of.

How to get rid of dark sorts on face:

Application of some citrus fruits on the face really helps to reduce the dark spots. Gently massage it in and leave it. Citrus is rich in Vitamin C which is a natural bleaching agent. Lemon works the best out of all the citrus fruits you can use. You can also apply sour lemon juice on the affected areas and wash with water after 15-20 minutes. This home treatment should be done daily till a period of 1 month to see visible results.

Dab some unboiled milk onto a cotton ball and dab it on the dark area on your face. It contains lactic acid. This helps to lighten the area without any irritation at all.

Honey is very good for your skin as it contains many renewing properties.

You can also try by applying honey to the dark spot area and allow it to stay there for about twenty minutes. Then simply rinse off.

Apply olive oil or Vitamin E oil at night before going to bed.
Dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in lemon juice and apply this mixture with a brush. This can help you to reduce the dark skin spots.

If the dark spots on your face are a result of pimples, then there is nothing much you can do. Such scars would take time to fade. If you take proper care of your skin, then the dark spots will heal quickly.

You should make sure that you drink enough water, keep your skin adequately moisturized, and avoid exposing it to the elements and to pollution.


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