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Home remedies for Corns Removal

The painful thickenings on the feet and especially toes and the soles are known as corns. Corns can be irritating and frustrating. They can be caused by wearing badly fitted shoes or sandals. Corns should not be overlooked as they can produce infections also.

Home remedies for corns removal:

Applying castor oil on the corn is an effective home remedy to get rid of them.

Application of papaya juice or pulp can also prove to be beneficial to treat corns.

Lemon is known to be highly useful in curing corns. Lemon juice can be applied or a slice of lemon can be applied on the corn to treat them effectively.

Strange, but true! Chalk powder can also be used to prevent corns. A paste of chalk powder in water should be applied on the corns thrice daily.

Indian squill is a natural herb used to treat corns. It may be applied on the affected areas in a roasted form. The bulb in roasted form can be tied and kept overnight.

The juice of green figs is an age old remedy for treating corns.

Soak the feet in warm water. Rub the corn with a pumice stone after soaking the feet in warm water for about 15 minutes. The corn can come off or fall by this treatment.

Chamomile tea is also known to be an effective home remedy for corns. Application of chamomile tea covered with gauze and kept overnight can be used.

A paste of liquorice sticks and sesame oil is also a successful home remedy for treating corns. Rubbing this mixture at night can give relief from corns.

Massaging the affected area with lanolin can make the corns softer. Then, the corn can be rubbed by a towel. This will help to rip off the corns.

Eat a nutritious and healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins to prevent corns.

Stop wearing shoes that caused the problem. Such shoes should be avoided for a week.

Wash the feet daily and clean it properly to avoid corns. Talcum powder should be applied on the feet to avoid the occurrence of corns and infections.


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