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10 minutes Butt Toning Exercises

Most of the women are unhappy about their butt. Some are not happy about their stomachs and their thighs; most of them are at odds with their butts. Wouldn’t you like to have a tighter and toned butt with more round edges rather than saddlebags and rear sag? Just a 10 minutes butt toning exercise can make you look the best and feel good. During performing the butt toning exercises, you need to make sure that you pull your belly button into your lower back to engage the transverse abdominals.
What do you need to do for getting celebrity butts?

Step-up exercise:

You can make use of an elevated object. Keep the feet straight and hand behind the head. Step up with the left leg and lift the right knee up to waist length while standing on the elevated object. Step down the same leg which you stepped up and repeat this exercise with the right leg. You may start with a lower elevation and gradually go to higher elevation. This is one of the best butts toning exercise.

Standing butt squeeze exercise:

Stand erect with the locked out knees. Keep your hands extended to the sides or around your waist. Now, squeeze and contract the butt muscles without bending your knees. The squeeze should last for 2 to 3 seconds and then release. You can perform this butt toning exercise every day.

Criss-Cross exercise:

Stand erect with the hips apart. Step forward the left leg to the right side of your body and bend the left leg to 90 degrees angle. Then, push off backwards with your left foot to the start position. Now repeat with the right leg. Keep the back straight and hands around the waist.

Standing Leg abduction exercise:

Stand erect with hips apart. Raise your right leg slowly to your right side as high as you can and hold it for 2 seconds. Bring it back to the starting position. Do not lean too much. Do the same step with the other leg. Repeat this butt toning exercise 8-12 times.

You can achieve the toned and sexy but by performing these above butt toning exercises.


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