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home remedies to treat burns

All of us would have suffered from burns at some or the other point of life. Here are some good home remedies to treat burns.

Cold water:

The first thing to do for the burns is to wash the affected parts with cold water. It would be the best to place the burned area under running water for some time.


Diluted vinegar is an effective home remedy for the treatment of burns. It helps to relive the pain and also relaxes the tissues of the skin. The affected area should be covered by a cloth dipped in vinegar. It would be the best to use cold water to dilute the vinegar.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is considered to be an excellent home remedy for treating burns. Aloe Vera gel or juice should be applied on the affected areas.

Tea Bags:

Another well known home remedy for healing burns is cold tea bags. Soak a tea bag in cold water for some time and place it gently over the affected area. Leave it on for some time to get relief from the pain.


Onion is another effective natural remedy for burns. Application of fresh onion juice helps to ease the pain as onion possesses soothing properties.

Soy sauce:

Application of soy sauce on the burnt areas helps in healing of the wounds and prevents scarring. Apply small amount of soy sauce for 3-5 minutes works well.

Egg white:

Egg whites can also be used for the treatment of burns. Apply egg white on the burnt area and leave it on for some time till it dries up. Egg white may be applied several times to get the benefit.


Honey is considered to be an effective home remedy for treating burns. Apply honey on the affected areas and cover it with a clean cloth.


Fresh mint leaves provide a soothing effect on the burns. Application of fresh mint leaves or juice help to ease the pain caused due to burns.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E oil is very effective in treating burns. It should be applied directly on the burned areas to get great relief.

Lavender oil:

Lavender essential oil is also known to be beneficial in treating burns. Apply lavender oil directly on the burns to get relief from the pain and inflammation.


Apply some tooth paste on the burnt area to alleviate the pain. It also prevents the skin from blistering.



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