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home remedy for bronchitis

Inflammation in bronchi is referred to as Bronchitis. It leads to severe cough and formation of phlegm.

Causes of bronchitis:

Weather changes
Certain drugs or chemicals
Some allergies

Some home remedies can be beneficial for treating the condition:

Turmeric is an effective home remedy for the treatment of bronchitis. A teaspoon of turmeric should be mixed in a glass of milk and should be taken twice or thrice daily.

Onion is an age old remedy for bronchitis. A teaspoon of onion juice should be taken in the morning to get relief from bronchitis.

Another effective home remedy for the treatment of bronchitis is taking a mixture of ginger powder, black pepper powder and cloves. These ingredients should be mixed together and add a tablespoon of honey to it. This mixture should be taken three to four times daily. This reduces the pain and fever also.

Consuming fresh cabbage juice daily also helps to treat bronchitis faster.

Drinking orange juice is also known to be an effective home remedy for bronchitis. Take more fresh fruits daily.

Take spinach leaves and add a pinch of ammonium chloride and honey to it. Drink the diluted form of this mixture several times daily to cure bronchitis.

Make a mixture by adding one teaspoon of sesame seeds, another teaspoon of linseed, pinch of common salt and honey. This combination should be taken at night before going to bed.

Apply turpentine oil on the chest before bed time to cure bronchitis.

Castor oil is also known to be an effective home remedy to get rid of bronchitis. Warm castor oil leaves can be placed on the chest overnight  to treat bronchitis.

Add a few saffron strands to milk and boil it. Drink this milk twice daily to get relief from bronchitis.

A combination of holy basil leaves, ginger juice and honey can also be taken to treat bronchitis.

Almonds are another effective home remedy for treating bronchitis. A few kernels of almonds should be mixed with lemon or orange juice. This mixture should be consumed daily at night for the treatment of bronchitis.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Avoid smoking.

Drink plenty of water and fluids.

Include fresh fruits and vegetables in daily diet.

Gargle with warm salt water to get some relief from bronchitis.




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