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home remedies for treating bedwetting are:

Does your kid urinate in bed during sleep? Are you trying to find a solution for your child’s bedwetting problem? Some home remedies for treating bedwetting are:
One of the well known age old home remedy for treating bedwetting is a combination of raisins and walnuts. Give your child a teaspoon of raisins and some walnuts before sleeping. This is considered to be an effective home remedy for bedwetting.
Give your child a few cinnamon sticks to chew to prevent bedwetting.

Canberry juice is also considered to be an effective home remedy for treating bedwetting. It should be given to the child an hour before bedtime.
Bananas are known to be beneficial natural remedy for preventing bedwetting. Bananas should be given to the child daily, especially before bedtime.
The water and liquids intake should be restricted before 3 to 4 hours of sleep. This helps to avoid bedwetting.

Mix mustard powder in warm milk and drink it before going to bed.

Chocolates and junk foods should be avoided at night. As they are diuretic, they can promote urination. It is not good to consume chocolates and sweets as it can lead to frequent urination.
Parsley is known to be an effective home remedy for preventing bedwetting. 100 grams of fresh parsley should be boiled in water and strained mixture should be consumed daily at night.
Boil a few pieces of dry dates in milk. The dates should be crushed in milk and seeds should be removed from the dates. Drink the dates and the mixture of the milk daily at night. Consuming this mixture daily before going to bed prevents bedwetting.
Caffeine should be avoided as it triggers urination. Avoid giving tea and coffee to your child to avoid bedwetting. Aerated drinks should also be avoided.
Massage the pelvic region to control bedwetting.

Include milk, almonds and sesame in your child’s daily diet. This will help to prevent bedwetting.
Sweets and meats should be avoided to stop bedwetting.

Inner thigh of the child should be massaged with St. John’s wort oil to treat bedwetting.
A herbal tea made from wormwood, oak bark, bear berry or horsetail herbs should be given to the child. This helps to prevent bedwetting.




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