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Male Pattern Baldness - Is there any cure?

Male pattern baldness is the most widespread type of hair loss in men. The hairs in the crown region get thinned and receding hairline is found. A research shows that 50 percent of the men over the age of 50 get affected by male pattern baldness. Most of the affected men do not go for any kind of treatments to cure baldness.

We all know that hair grows about an inch every month. Each hair grows for 2 to 6 years at the same pace and then falls out. A new hair begins to grow there.

Typically, the hair begins to recede at the front at first. A patch develops in the mid part of the scalp. The receding front and bald patch unite together to turn into baldness of the crown. Some women also experience hair loss and baldness in some cases when they enter in their 60s. But the ratio of women baldness is less as compared to that in men. It has been found that 75 out of 100 women experience baldness after menopause.

Although male pattern baldness is a harmless condition, there can be a risk of heart disease. Women with male pattern baldness should be checked as the levels of hormones in the body gets increased which leads to development of cysts in the ovaries.

Most of the men do not take baldness seriously and do not prefer to undergo any form of treatments. They consider that baldness is a part of ageing. But if it is excessive hair loss leading to baldness, then it should be treated medically. There are two major medicines that help - Finasteride (trade name Propecia) and Minoxidil (trade name Regaine).

Finasteride had been launched in UK in 2002, and is available in USA since 1997. It blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. By doing that, hair follicles are not affected which prevents hair loss and baldness.

Minoxidil lotion can be available at pharmacies without prescription. It has not been found yet how it works. This lotion is available in two strengths -2% and 5%.

A traditional option for baldness is making use of wigs.
Scalp surgeries like hair transplantation, scalp flaps, and other procedures are also common methods for curing baldness.


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