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What can you do for Bad Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing and may cause anxiety. No wonder that lots of different types of chewing gums and mouth washes are available in the market, but these are the temporary treatments.

Have you ever wondered what causes bad breath? Some foods, health conditions and habits can cause bad breath. If you don’t brush your teeth properly, bad breath can be caused. Apart from brushing, flossing your teeth is also important. Smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to bad breath. Poor oral hygiene leads to bad breath as food particles are left in mouth and teeth. These particles rot and produce foul smell.

Home remedies for Bad Breath:

Brush and floss your teeth twice a day.
Green tea and Black tea can be beneficial to avoid bad breath.

A mouth wash containing zinc ions can play an important role in preventing bad breath.

A tongue scraper should be used daily after meals. This helps to remove the dead cells, food particles and bacteria from the tongue.

Drinking plenty of water and fluids will keep your mouth moist.

Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, celery and carrots as they help to remove food, bacteria and plaque from the teeth.

Some natural herbs can be used to freshen your breath. Chewing fresh rosemary, parsley and spearmint can give instant relief from bad breath.

A simple home remedy for bad breath is chewing mint leaves.

A gargle with baking soda dissolved in water is a good home remedy for cleaning the tongue. This treatment also avoids bad breath.

Eating fresh yoghurt for 6-8 weeks can be beneficial to remove bad breath completely.

Chewing one clove after meals can help to keep away from bad breath.

Lemon should be squeezed and added to a glass of water. This mixture should be used for gargle.

Chewing cardamom seeds is a good home remedy for bad breath. It also gives an aromatic flavor to your breath.
Eat parsley to reduce bad breath.

After every meal, rinse your mouth with lime water. This is an effective home remedy to kill the bacteria and prevent bad breath.

Zinc-rich food products should be included in the diet to reduce bad breath.


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