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Natural Cure for Asthma

Lung Disease-Asthma cures:

When you get asthma attack, the breathing becomes difficult and a whistling sound is heard when you breathe. Asthma also creates shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. More than 24 million are known to have asthma in US. People can be affected by asthma at any age, but generally starts from childhood.

The exact cause for asthma has not been found yet. There are certain myths amongst people for asthma.

Myth: Asthma can be cured, and so it is not a serious problem. Nobody dies of asthma.

Truth: There is no cure for asthma. But it can be controlled with good care. The condition must be taken seriously and uncontrolled asthma can even lead to death.
Myth: People having asthma should not exercise.

Truth: Swimming is an optimal exercise for people having asthma. People with asthma can exercise in cold and dry environment.

Myth: You can catch asthma from someone who already has asthma.

Truth: Asthma is not contagious.

Some simple measures to be taken for people who have asthma:

People having asthma should not smoke and should stay away from smoke-filled atmospheres.

Watch what you eat. Eating the wrong foods can trigger the asthma attacks. Some of the common triggers are milk, eggs, nuts and sea food. If you are asthmatic, then try to find which foods trigger asthma attack and avoid them.

According to a recent study, salt can also result in asthma.
Caffeine can be helpful in treating asthma attacks. In case of emergencies, a cup of strong coffee can be taken. But this is a juts remedy for emergencies, and not the treatment.

Honey is a common home remedy for asthma. A jar of honey should be brought under the nose of an asthma patient which can provide quick relief and makes breathing easier.

Lemon is beneficial in treating asthma. Juice of half a lemon diluted with a glass of water can relief asthma.

Garlic is another effective home remedy for asthma. Ten garlic cloves should be boiled in 30 ml of milk. This mixture should be taken once daily.

A soup made of drumstick leaves should be taken daily to treat asthma.


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