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Home remedies for Andropause:

Andropause is the male menopause. The hormonal levels in the body of men begin to decrease drastically. It also leads to low sex drive, depression, reduction in sperm count and hair loss. Generally, andropause occurs in men amongst the age of 50-70 years.

A few modifications in the diet and lifestyle can help you get rid of problems which are caused due to andropause.

Home remedies for Andropause:

Exercise is the best natural treatment for andropause. We agree that it can be boring. But there are many options for exercising and wok outs. Simple exercises daily for 20-30 minutes can do wonders. Walking and jogging are the best exercises.

Alcohol consumption should be strictly avoided.
Avoid junk, fried and oily foods.

Saffron is considered to be a good mood elevator. It also helps in reducing the stress and depression.

Ginger helps to reduce the joints pain. Consumption of ginger tea is a good home remedy for treating the joints pain and aches during andropause.

Increase the intake of calcium and vitamin D.
Drink abundant water and fluids.

A nutritious diet is a crucial factor for andropause. Eat a diet full of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and fibers.
Sleep for 7-8 hours daily.

Low fat milk and dairy products should also be included in the daily diet.

Gensing products should be consumed. This helps to improve the sexual drive and also sexual performance.


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