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Home Remedies for Allergies

Allergies, No More:

Under certain conditions, our immune system can malfunction. These abnormalities can cause allergies. There can be many substances that cause allergies in our body. The substances that cause allergy are called allergens. Chemicals, dust, pollen, mites and some foods can the most common allergens.

There can be several types of allergies like respiratory allergies, food allergies, and seasonal allergies. The symptoms of allergies are headaches, running nose, swelling on the eyes and face, congestion, coughing and vomiting.

Some home remedies for Allergies are:

Lime is effective in any type of allergy. Half a lemon can be taken mixed with warm water and honey can be taken to prevent allergies. Following this every morning for months can be effective.

A blend of carrot juice along with beet and cucumber juices has been found beneficial in treatments of allergies. Take this at least one time a day.

Avoid coffee, tea and other beverages. Cut down on chocolates and sugar products. While the symptoms of allergies are found, you should eliminate bakery products, fish and milk products.

Increasing the intake of Vitamin A and B in diet can prevent you from certain allergies.

Garlic is known to be a natural producer of immunity. Fresh garlic or crushed garlic can be used to avoid allergies.

Honey is a good home remedy which fights with allergens and also builds immunity in the body.

A mint tea helps to treat allergens. A tea made of peppermint can be taken to relieve any congestion in respiratory tract and nose. Peppermint tea can be refreshing in summer season. Black tea or green tea is also a good cure for allergens.

Vitamin E is considered to have anti-allergic properties.
Ginger does not only make the body immune, but also prevents histamine for secreting, which ultimately treats allergies.

Try to keep your surroundings clean.
Neem can be applied to the infected parts of skin reactions.
Sandalwood paste can give you relief from itching which is caused due to some allergies.


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