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Home remedies for Alcoholism:

Addiction of alcohol can be risky for life. We often ask the alcoholic people to quit alcohol. But it is not that easy for anyone who is addicted to alcohol. Excessive intake of alcohol can have adverse effects on the heart and lungs.

Home remedies for Alcoholism:

Follow a grape diet for one month to treat alcoholism.

To avoid the cravings of alcohol, drink vegetable or fruit juices. This is a good natural remedy to keep away from alcohols.

The patient should stick to "liquid diet" for about ten days.

Consuming apples in big quantities can be beneficial to treat alcoholism.

Carrot juice is also known to soothe the urge of alcohol. Whenever the person feels the urge of alcohol, he/she should be given carrot juice.

Strange, but true! Exercise and physical activities can help you get rid of alcoholism. Exercising regularly helps to remove the toxins from your body through sweating.

Proper nutrition can also help the patient to stay away from alcohol. Increasing the amount of liquids in the diet helps to break the drinking pattern and break out the habit of drinking. Cereals, nuts, sprouts, fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet of the patient. This can be helpful to treat alcoholism. Strictly avoid oily and fatty foods. Rice should be substituted with brown rice, macroni and white flour should be replaced with leafy veggies and whole grain items.

Bitter gourd juice can also be helpful in treating alcoholism. Consuming three teaspoons of juice of bitter gourd along with a glass of buttermilk on empty stomach can help you get rid of alcoholism.

Lemon juice is also found to be effective in treating alcoholism.

Drinking a glass of orange juice can also help to pacify the urge of alcohol.

Another effective way to cure alcoholism is to consume dates. Soak three to four dates in a glass of water and drink it for a month regularly.

It is known that smoking increases the cravings for alcohol. Giving away smoking habit can help in faster recovery from alcoholism.


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