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How to Control Acidity

Is acidity becoming a problem for you?

Stomach acidity and hyper acidity are common problems these days. We all have suffered from acidity at some point of time. Haven’t you? Every fifth person suffers from stomach acidity nowadays. The symptoms of acidity are heartburn, dyspepsia and erosion of the stomach lining. Severe acidity can lead to stomach ulcers also.

What causes stomach acidity?

Consumption of alcohol and spicy food can lead to acidity.
Empty stomach for a longer time can also lead to acidity.
Eating fatty and oily foods can also cause acidity.

Diet to be followed to control acidity:

  1. Avoid eating fried, oily and junk foods.
  2. Do not eat chocolates much as they sometimes cause acidity.
  3. Eating small meals at frequent intervals helps in digestion and avoids the risk of acidity.
  4. Avoid eating protein-rich foods at night
  5. Say No to caffeine and alcohol if you want to be free from acidity problem
  6. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily
  7. Consume fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Home Remedies:

  1. Make it a habit to drink 2-3 glasses of water early in the morning on empty stomach. This will help you to control acidity.
  2. Basil (Tulsi) plays an important role in controlling acidity. A few leaves of Basil should be chewed any time during the day.
  3. Amla also helps to reduce acid content in the body
  4. Mint juice contains pepper mint oil which can act as a source to prevent acidity.
  5. Try drinking a chilled glass of milk when you have acidity. Coconut water can also be consumed.
  6. In case of severe acidity, take jiggery at frequent intervals.
  7. A glass of buttermilk along with coriander leaves is an effective method in case of hyper acidity, heart burns and indigestion.

Use of exercise to control acidity:

Morning and evening walks are good for health and keep the acidity disease under control. So, “Half an hour walk a day keeps the acidity away!”

Meditation and yoga can also help to cure acidity.
Little changes in your life style and habits can provide you healthy and happy life!


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